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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

Cite It! is a bookmark tool that can be used to easily add resources not in the library's collection, like websites and streaming video. For any items held in the library's collection, use the instructions in the Articles, books & chapters tab.

In order to use the Cite It! tool to add resources to your list, you will need to add Cite It! to your bookmarks bar on your web browser.


  1. Login to your Reading List and click on your initials in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select Cite It! to open a pop up window.
NOTE: Do not click and drag this Cite It! button, but click into it to go to the pop up screen.
  1. Click on the purple and grey Cite It! button in the pop up box and drag it directly onto your bookmarks bar.
  1. To add resources to your list, follow the instructions in the External websites and other materials tab.