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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

Last updated: 4/11/22

Publishing lists

Publishing your list makes it visible to your students in Blackboard, and also notifies the Library that your list is ready for processing. 

Any electronic items readily available in the Library's eResource collection will immediately be visible and available for your students to use without any processing from the Library. The following items will require some processing from the Library in order for your list to be complete*:

Print or electronic books that need to be purchased. Up to 6 weeks or more.
Print items that need to be moved to the Course Reserves collection in your campus library. Up to 7 days (if the library already owns a copy).
Print or electronic articles that need to be sourced from another institution. Up to 6 weeks.
Website external to the Library. Up to 5 business days.
Documents to be uploaded to digital repository Up to 10 business days

* Processing times may increase in high demand periods.  

Once you have finished adding all (or the majority) of your resources, you need to Publish it so that your students can access it in Blackboard and so that the Library knows that your list is ready for processing.  

: You can still add materials to the list after you click publish. 


  1. From within your list, near where you have been adding items, click Publish.
  2. Select Course students.
  3. Click Confirm.
NOTE: Students will now be able to view all items, except any that require processing by the Library. You can see estimated processing times in the section at the top of this page. 


You can preview the student version of your Reading List by clicking the ellipses menu at the top of your list and selecting View list as a student
Your resources will have different descriptions/statuses depending on the level of library mediation and the process stage.


Complete The item requires no further processing and will be immediately available to students when you publish your list.
Being Processed The item requires some library mediation before it can be visible to your students (e.g. purchasing, copyright compliance checking).
In Process The library has started working on the item and it is not yet complete.
Purchase Requested The library has initiated a purchase of the item.
Declined The item was not able to be processed (e.g. isn't available for purchase). Items with this status will also have an accompanying note from the Library, or an email.
Res Share Requested The library has requested a copy of the item from another institution (Resource Sharing) and it is in process.
Digital Upload Requested The library is in the process of checking for Copyright compliance on your file (e.g. a scanned chapter) and uploading it to the digital repository. 
Copyright Declaration Required A digital copy of the citation has been added, and the Copyright Declaration needs to be completed by the instructor. 
Issue Reported There is a temporary problem with the resource that has been reported either by the Library or the instructor, and it is being investigated. 
Response Required - Contact Library The Library has been in contact to gather more information or ask a question about your resource, and is waiting for a response before processing.