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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

External websites and other materials

First you will need to add the Cite It! bookmark if you haven't already. Follow the instructions under the Adding Cite It! tab. Then continue to follow the instructions below. 

  1. Open the required webpage (e.g. Youtube, government website, etc.)
  2. Click the Cite It! bookmark on your browser.
  3. In the pop-up box, review the auto-filled citation and add any missing reference information (e.g. Author)
  4. Select the reading list and section to add the resource to in the drop down boxes
NOTE: If you have a lot of Reading Lists, you can click into the box and start typing a course code to find the correct list. 


  1. Click Add & Close
  2. Your resource will immediately appear in your Reading List and will be set to Complete
NOTE: If your resource is set to Being Prepared, it requires a review by the library. 

Reporting a broken link 

If you notice an issue with a link in your list, report it to library staff:

  1. Click on the title to open the details screen.  
  2. Under Links & Availabilityclick the […] at the end of the View Online link 
  3. Select Mark as broken. 
  4. Add a comment, and if possible, upload a screenshot of the error. 

Use this option for adding handout/worksheet/outlines which are unpublished and authored by you. 

  1. Click on Add Items
  2. Select Blank Form.
  3. Select document as the resource Type.  
  4. Complete the item details fields with as much detail as possible. 
NOTE: Do not select the Personal Copy option. 


  1. Click on the click here to drag or upload a file link
  2. Drag your document into the File Upload box, or click to browse. 
  3. Select Authored by me and not commercially published – does not require copyright clearance
NOTE: If the document wasn't authored by you or you're not sure, select Copyright audit is needed.


  1. Click Add & Close.