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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

External websites and other materials

Adding the Cite It! bookmark

First you will need to add the Cite It! bookmark if you haven't already. Follow the instructions under the Cite It! tab, then continue with the instructions below. 

Adding a webpage

  1. Open the required webpage (e.g. government website, health resource, etc.).
  2. Click the Cite It! bookmark on your browser.
  3. In the pop-up box, review the auto-filled citation and add any missing details (e.g. author).
  4. Select the reading list and section required.
 Click the reading list box to search for a course code.


  1. Add any student notes if required.
  2. Click Add & close. 
  3. Your resource will appear in your list, click the entry to see more detail and add a tag.
    1. Select either Required or Recommended.

pop up box of fields, with section highlighted: display citation options

Reporting a broken link

  1. Hover over the reading in your list and click the Full details link.
  2. Under the Links & Availability tab, hover over the broken link.
  3. Click Mark as broken.
  4. Add in any details or screenshots into the comment box.

Highlighted link: mark as broken

This option should be used for handouts/worksheets/outlines which are not commercially published and are authored by you. 
  1. In your reading list click Add.
  2. Select Upload files.

Highlighted menu item: upload files

  1. Drag and drop your document into the box.
  2. Select This file was authored by me and not commercially published so will not require Copyright clearance. 
  3. Click Next.
 If the document was not authored by you, or you're not sure if this is the correct option, select Copyright audit is needed instead.


Highlighted fields: type, title and copyright declaration 

  1. Go to the Type field and select Document.
  2. Complete the item details fields with as much information as possible.
  3. Click Next and select the desired section.
  4. Add any students notes and a tag.
    1. Select either Required or Recommended.
  5. Click Add.
 Do not select the I will provide a personal copy to the library option.

Gif of adding cite it bookmark