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Homepage: Open Athens

OpenAthens LogoWhat is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an identity and access management service which allows you to use your NDA account to access the Library's licensed online resources via the Library, Blackboard, Reading Lists and directly from content provider websites anytime, anywhere, seamlessly. 

How will OpenAthens affect me?

  • OpenAthens is being rolled out as a pilot in 2022 and will go live at the end of the year. Bookmarked links and links in course materials with the current proxy prefix [ ] will still work, but will need to be updated before the end of the year. The link generator tool below can be used to convert your links to OpenAthens links, or you can contact the Library for assistance.
  • If you are accessing resources via FiNDit or the Library’s eResources A-Z list, you will not need to make any changes
  • If you save or share links in BlackBoard or other systems, you may need to update your links. You can update these links using the following Conversion Tool - Create a link to an online resource

Why did we change services?

To ensure you are using a more secure, reliable and flexible service, one which allows you to access licensed content no matter where you start your search, reduce the frustration of multiple authentication points and allow you to move from resource to resource faster. 

Create a link to an online resource

Use this link generator to create a link to an online resource that will log students and staff into the Library subscription. You can convert old links that used the Library proxy or create links from a subscription on the web.


Paste up to 20 links in the box below, one per line, and click on “Generate” to get new links.


Generate    Clear    Help



HINT: Triple-click on each URL below to copy the entire thing