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Homepage: Research skills

  Health research readiness modules Evidence-based practice Credo Research Skills  
  Applying the latest research to a clinical question is a vital skill for any evidence-based practitioner. These modules introduce you to essential health information resources and equip you with the skills to efficiently find, evaluate, and reference them. Use this Guide to understand how to form a research question, how to search for relevant evidence, how to appraise what you find, how to apply the evidence to your practice, and how to evaluate the success of the practice.

The Credo Research Skills guide links you to videos, tutorials, and quizzes designed to give you a foundation in information literacy and critical thinking.

Course coordinators can embed this content in Blackboard. Contact your Research Services Librarian to find out how.

  FiNDit search help

  Finding full text
  FiNDit is the Library's search tool for finding books, eBooks, articles, journals, videos and more. Use this guide to discover advanced features, search tips, and search techniques.

This guide shows you how to access the full text of articles and eBooks using FiNDit, databases, and browser tools. There is also advice on what to do when the full text is not available.