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Artificial intelligence

New guidelines for referencing generative artificial intelligence (genAI) and generative predictive text (GPT) have been added under the source category of Internet and Social Media for each referencing style guide.

Getting started

What is a referencing style? A set of rules and methods to follow when acknowledging the thoughts, ideas, and works of others.

  • The University of Notre Dame Australia authorises the use of four referencing styles: APA Referencing (American Psychological Association), Chicago Notes & Bibliography, AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) and AMA (Vancouver).

How do I apply the style to my work? A comprehensive guide containing examples has been developed for each style. Select from the options below to navigate to the relevant guide.

Which style should I use? Check your course outline.

  • APA Referencing is commonly used across Business, Education, Health, and some Arts & Science disciplines.
  • AGLC is specifically designed to acknowledge legal sources.
  • Chicago Notes & Bibliography (or Chicago Footnotes) is commonly used across the Schools of Philosophy & Theology and Arts & Sciences.
  • AMA (Vancouver) is a footnoting style used by the School of Medicine.

Where can I get further help? Visit your campus library or submit a question to AskUs.


The University provides students with free access to EndNote and RefWorks citation management software; the Library provides support in the use of these tools.

Both products have the same purpose: to make the management and formatting of references more streamlined. It is worth looking at both tools to determine which one could be right for you, depending on how you like to work, however the Library recommends that undergraduate and coursework students use RefWorks, and higher degree by research students and academic staff use EndNote.

  • RefWorks is a fully cloud-based tool, meaning that there is no requirement to install or upgrade the software and users have access to the full features of the software online.
  • EndNote requires installation on one of your devices in order for you to access the full features of the software.

Read more about the difference between EndNote and RefWorks.

Getting started

Legacy RefWorks Users

If you are a Legacy RefWorks user and are looking for support materials, please search our FAQs via the link below.

Quick Reference Guides