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Homepage: Using information sources

  eBooks Journal articles Databases
Find answers to the following questions, and more...
What is an eBook?, Why read eBooks?, Why aren't all eBooks the same?
  Looking for journal articles on a particular subject, or looking for a specific journal title, and not sure where to start? View this guide.   A database can be described as an electronic collection of research materials. Find out more about databases in this guide.  
Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and more Grey literature Multimedia  
  Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are types of referencing materials. Find out more about these, and other types of referencing materials, in this guide.   Grey Literature refers to material produced in non-traditional ways, outside the control of commercial publishers. Find out more in this guide.  

Looking specifically for videos, images, podcasts? View this guide to find out how to do this, as well as find multimedia on a particular subject.


News and newspapers


This guide will show you where and how to access local and international news sources available through the Library.