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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

Rolling over and Associating Lists

Last updated: 24/05/23

You can reuse the same list for a new study period, and avoid recreating your list each time. 


The Library will complete a "rollover" process for you (usually after the exam period for the University academic calendar), and once this process is complete you will find your list in Blackboard for your new course code. 
E.g. If you created a Reading List and used it for F-NURS5000-23S1-SP1, after that semester is over, you will find the same list has been moved into F-NURS5000-23S2-SP2. 

All that is required of you is the following:

  1. Check your list and make any changes that are required (e.g. removing citations or adding new ones)
  2. Publish your list, so that the Library can process any items that need completing, and so it is visible to your students. 


You can use the same list across multiple courses if the content of the Reading List is going to be exactly the same.  


  1. Open the Reading List you are planning to use across multiple courses.
  2. Click on the ellipses [...] menu in the top of your screen. 
  3. Select Manage course association from the drop down menu.

  1. You can see which course the list is currently associated with, and you have the option to look up and add a course.
  2. To associate the Reading List with another course, search by course code (or title).
  3. Click the correct course from the drop down and select Associate & Close.