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LAWS4620 Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAWS4620 Alternative Dispute Resolution
This course will foster the idea of the lawyer as problem solver. This course introduces processes increasingly being used by parties seeking to resolve disputes without adjudication. These include negotiation, mediation, conciliation, early neutral evaluation and arbitration. Students will be shown how to distinguish between these processes and how to select the most appropriate form of Alternative Dispute Resolution for particular disputes. Differences between private and court annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution processes will also be explored. Teaching methods will involve participation by students as various processes are demonstrated by working through examples of legal disputes arising in the community.

About this guide

This guide was created by a librarian and contains some key resources you can refer to throughout the alternative dispute resolution law course.

Secondary sources

Legal encyclopedias are a useful starting place to begin your research. They identify key legal principles and will refer to relevant cases and legislation. Heavily footnoted, you can follow the links to other relevant sources.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance)

10. Arbitration 

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw)

13. Dispute resolution