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LAWS3001 Evidence

This course deals with the theory and practice relating to the laws of Evidence in both State and Federal jurisdiction across a variety of topics. The key principles governing the procedural rules relating to the collection and admission of evidence are considered, along with the rules of admissibility and the judicial discretion to exclude evidence. The focus will be on the practical application of these principles in the practice of law.

LAWS3005 Advanced Evidence

This course expands on laws of evidence introduced in the Evidence course. The focus will be on how the theoretical underpinnings of Evidence impact on practical outcomes in rules and discretions surrounding the admissibility of evidence. It is recommended for students whose career interests include significant quantities of court work.

About this guide

This guide was created by a librarian and contains some key resources you can refer to throughout the evidence courses.

Secondary sources


Legal encyclopedias are a useful starting place to begin your research. They identify key legal principles and will refer to relevant cases and legislation. Heavily footnoted, you can follow the links to other relevant sources.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance)

195. Evidence

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw)

16. Evidence


Case Citators