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Family law

LAWS3050 Family Law
This course provides an introduction to contemporary Family Law in Australia. The course starts with an introduction to Commonwealth and State legislative powers with particular emphasis on the Family Law Act 1975. Other topics covered include a study of the law of marriage, nullity and divorce, the law relating to children, the alteration of property interests between parties to a marriage and the interaction with third parties.

About this guide

This guide was created by a librarian and contains some key resources you can refer to throughout the family law course.

Secondary sources

Legal encyclopedias are a useful starting place to begin your research. They identify key legal principles and will refer to relevant cases and legislation. Heavily footnoted, you can follow the links to other relevant sources.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance)

205. Family Law

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw)

17. Family Law


Reported Judgements

Family Law Reports

Case citators