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Law Topics

Company and business law

LAWS3210 Corporations and Partnerships
The incorporated body is the basic legal entity of commerce. Students will learn the principles of company law including the responsibilities of those who conduct business through incorporated structures. Principles learned will include the nature of legal entity status, directors’ duties and the division of power between shareholders and directors, how shareholding can be differentiated; and the difference between a partnership and a corporation.

LAWS3120 Insolvency
This course is an extension of corporation law. The course provides students with an overview of law affecting insolvency, and in particular, the external administration process undergone by corporate entities in financial trouble. This course involves study of procedures governing voluntary administration, receivership and liquidation with an emphasis placed on the statutory requirements in the Corporations Act 2001. The course examines the effects that external administration processes have on the company, its directors, employees, shareholders and creditors. In addition the course involves comparative analysis between external administration processes.

Secondary sources

Legal encyclopedias are a useful starting place to begin your research. They identify key legal principles and will refer to relevant cases and legislation. Heavily footnoted, you can follow the links to other relevant sources.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance)

120. Corporations law

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw)

2. Business organisatons


Case citators