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Law Topics

Equity & trusts

LAWS2310 - Equity. 

This course introduces students to the origin and nature of Equity and examines several of the most fundamental equitable doctrines (such as estoppel, fiduciary obligations and breach of confidence) in order to illustrate the manner in which the law of Equity functions in Australia today.

LAWS2320 - Trusts.

This course will build on the students’ knowledge of Equity by examining in detail the law of Trusts.  Students will become familiar with the fundamental nature of trusts, the most important varieties of trust, and the essential requirements for creating a valid trust, the rights of trustee and beneficiary, and the legal rules pertaining to breach of trust.

About this guide

This guide was created by a librarian and contains some key resources you can refer to throughout the trusts & equity courses.

Secondary sources

Legal encyclopedias are a useful starting place to begin your research. They identify key legal principles and will refer to relevant cases and legislation. Heavily footnoted, you can follow the links to other relevant sources.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance)

185. Equity

430. Trusts

The Laws of Australia (Westlaw)

15. Equity (includes entries on Trusts)


Case Citators

Law Reports