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The copying and communication of broadcast transmissions recorded off-air

The Screenrights Licence is administered by Screenrights Australia, and covers the copying and communication of content recorded from television (this includes free-to-air, satellite, and cable) and radio broadcasts. These copies may be included in library collections, provided to staff for use in classes while they are employees of the University and made available via secure University services like Blackboard.

The copies may be made at the University or by University staff at home. The University Library may be able to obtain copies of past broadcasts from the Screenrights endorsed agencies or from other libraries that hold copies made under their Screenrights Licence.

All copies of broadcasts made under the terms of the licence must be labeled with an appropriately worded label. The text of the label is available in the 'Legal Forms' segment of this website.

The terms of the licence do not extend to commercially purchased or leased audio visual materials.

For more information please see the following Australian Copyright Council Information sheets: