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Copyright and legal re-use

Contains information on using (and re-using) material that isn't your own, and the limits that apply to this use.

In this guide

Within this guide you will find information on: 

  • How the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) classifies types of work by specific names
  • What a 'work' is specifically, and what is covered by law
  • How each type of work can be used correctly for educational purposes

Want to (re)use someone else's work?

  • Want to use a portion of someone else's work in your thesis, research paper, or publication?
  • Or, need to provide something to your students?

View the Types of Work table to find out how to (re)use material legally for educational purposes

What is a work? A ‘work’ can be defined as the communication or expression of a physical or quantifiable idea. 
These include textual materials (such as books, journal and newspaper articles), computer programs, artistic, dramatic and musical works (such as plays, photographs, and paintings), films, websites, etc.

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Disclaimer: The information and advice given in these pages is for general use: it is not legal opinion.

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