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Copyright and legal re-use

Contains information on using (and re-using) material that isn't your own, and the limits that apply to this use.

Considerations when using other people's work

The educational use of other people's work is governed by a combination of Australian Copyright law and licences that the University holds with various Collecting Societies (e.g. Copyright Agency). This combination effectively exempts the University (as an educational institution) and its current staff and students from certain obligations under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), but only in specific ways.

As a user of other people's work, you must ensure that you stay within these limits.

The Types of Work Table (next page) outlines the general principles and limitations around the types of work that are deemed appropriate for educational use. It contains:

  • Information on the type of work and how the Copyright Act classifies it.
  • Basic information (by type of user - students, teaching staff, research author) on how to use the type of work for educational purposes.
  • A link to a webpage within the Copyright Guides that will provide you with more information about that type of work.