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Copyright and legal re-use

Contains information on using (and re-using) material that isn't your own, and the limits that apply to this use.

Material which is "out of copyright"

Copyright does not last forever, and once it has expired you can copy material without the copyright owner's permission. Precisely how long copyright lasts, however, depends on the type of material, so check first.

For more information please see the following Australian Copyright Council Information sheet (page five onwards provides a table of Type of Material and the Rules that apply to it) :

Is there anything that is not automatically protected by copyright?

  • Ideas, concepts, and facts are not protected by copyright.
  • Names, single words, short phrases, and titles are not covered by copyright.

It is the particular expression of an idea that is protected e.g. as a song, a novel, or a diagram.

  • The Trade Marks or Trade Practices Acts may apply to business names, etc.